Burnabbie Cave

Photographer: Chris Holman

Photographer: Liz Rogers

Diving the Caves of the Roe Plain, Western Australia with Paul Hosie and Liz Rogers. These beautiful but fragile caves host numerous interesting features. Rocks covered in black bacteria, hanging roots, green tannic water are amongst the extraordinary things seen. Many of the passages are very tight requiring side mount configuration to pass. The sculptured limestone is quite unique. Unfortunately the dive section of this video is brief due to a light failure just as we entered the water :-(

I hope you enjoy this short video of this terrific site, along with Paul Hosie's narrative of how the cave was found.


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By Verna van Schaik

Fatally Flawed is an inside look into the world of deep diving and the people who populate it. This is the story of how Verna van Schaik found a way to become the deepest woman in one of the most extreme sports in the world, cave diving.


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