Junee Resurgence 2013 Print
Written by Richard Harris   
Thursday, 24 January 2013 16:07

In January 2013 we attempted to push the second sump of Junee again. The distant part of the sump is blocked by a rock collapse which prevents access to the theoretical Junee "Master Cave" beyond. Several divers have looked at the rockpile but failed to find a way on. Sadly, this attempt by our group failed again.

However in the process, numerous dives were performed on the new Golem Gear Flex rebreather and what I believe to be the first video of the second sump was captured. This part of the video may be a little long and boring for some viewers but will be of interest to those who have dived the sump, and those who plan to visit in future.

Information on Junee Cave.



#1 janine mckinnon 2013-02-03 17:12
Great video guys. Very clear. I didn't think gopros worked that well underground (with low light).

The vis looks better than I've ever seen! Very low flow too. You obviously picked the right time to be there.

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