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Cave Name:   Allendale Sinkhole
Reference:   5L-11
Cave Area:   Lower South East
Description:   Medium sized water filled cave with approx 80m of passage. Water visibility excellent. Maximum depth approx. 24m.
Owner/Manager:   District Council of Grant
Access:   Contact Lady Nelson Tourist Information Centre for the key
Further Information:   Map - S Bugg, B Cornell 1993
SAUSS Research Report - Allendale Sinkhole 1991
  Last updated 2nd September, 2010

By Joseph Emmanuel

Ever wondered what it's like to dive to 100 meters, to be waiting alone in the dark, your only way back to safety a thin nylon line snaking away from you, up and up and up into the darkness and down and down and down into the blackness. Not a sound but your own breathing.


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