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Cave Name:   Kilsbys Sinkhole
Reference:   5L-46
Cave Area:   Lower South East
Description:   Kilsby Sinkhole is located on a private farming property in the South East of South Australia. Since the 1950's, the unique site has been diving's worst kept secret, attracting interest from fresh water diving enthusiasts worldwide. The site is known for its stunning water clarity, allowing a unique diving experience which is also perfect for photography and training.
Owner/Manager:   Graham Kilsby
Access:   List of "approved operators".
Currently closed to CDAA members.
See: Letter to CDAA members
Further Information:   Images
Map - CDAA 1983
Map - P Horne, R Harris 2008
5L46-Kilsbys Hole Mapping Project 2007 Report 1
5L46-Kilsbys Hole Mapping Project 2007 Report 2
Kilsby Sinkhole Web Site
  Last updated 18th September, 2017

by Sheck Exley

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