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Cave Name:   Teatree Sinkhole
Reference:   5L-128
Cave Area:   Lower South East
Description:   Large undercut doline with water-filled section. Maximum depth approx. 5m. Ladder (8m) required to access the water.
Owner/Manager:   Peter Cunningham
Access:   Contact Peter Cunningham
PO BOX 2168
Mt Gambier SA 5290
P 08 8738 4003
Further Information:   Map - I Lewis, F Aslin, P Horne 1981
  Last updated 21st July, 2015

By Verna van Schaik

Fatally Flawed is an inside look into the world of deep diving and the people who populate it. This is the story of how Verna van Schaik found a way to become the deepest woman in one of the most extreme sports in the world, cave diving.


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