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Friday, 28 October 2011 16:30

Craig ChallenCraig Challen is one of Australia's leading technical divers and this was recognised by his peers in 2009 when he was awarded Technical Diver of the Year at the Australian technical diving conference Oztek.

Craig began cave diving in the 1990s and was one of the early adopters of closed circuit rebreather technology. In 2003 he supported Karl Hall on a dive to the end of Cocklebiddy Cave using CCRs, and in 2008 he returned to  Cocklebiddy Cave and extended the line by approximately 130 metres. In 2009, Craig, along with an international cast of cave divers, finally declared the main passage in Cocklebiddy Cave ended. Read the full history of diving in this famous cave here.

In this podcast Leigh Bishop interviews Craig Challen prior to the European technical divers conference Eurotek 2010. Craig talks of his adventures in Cocklebiddy Cave and Kija Blue Sinkhole, the latest scooter technolgy, CCRs and his plans for future expeditions.

Podcast courtesy of Leigh Bishop and Eurotek 2010

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Craig Challen is interviewd by Radio New Zealand on the record breaking 194m dive he conducted in the Pearse Resurgence in New Zealand in 2011.

Podcast courtesy of Radio New Zealand

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craigchallen2009Craig Challen prepares for a dive into Cocklebiddy Cave | Photo: Leigh Bishop


By Joseph Emmanuel

Ever wondered what it's like to dive to 100 meters, to be waiting alone in the dark, your only way back to safety a thin nylon line snaking away from you, up and up and up into the darkness and down and down and down into the blackness. Not a sound but your own breathing.


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