Australian Cave Diving - A Contrast - DVD Print

aus-cave-divingThis is a compilation of four short documentary type videos showing the amazing contrast between two unique and popular cave diving regions in Australia that are also quite different to anywhere else in the world.

The first part, titled "Warbla Cave", is located in the remote Nullarbor Plain. Two cave divers, Tony Carlisle and Greg Bulling show the Nullarbor area and how they enter the cave. The Nullarbor caves are usually gigantic and Warbla Cave is no exception as the water table is over 100 metres below ground. Once underwater, the video leads you through a series of meandering crystal clear passages and internal lakes. Duration 20 minutes.

The second part, called "3 Sisters Cave", is located in the lower south east of South Australia near the rural township of Mount Gambier. Here the water table is approximately 20 metres below ground and the initial entrance into the cave is through a small opening in the roof of a large air cavern. The underwater passages are filled with clear water and great care is required to negotiate a tight restriction approximately one third of the way into the dive. This is not a very long dive, but it is still quite interesting. Duration 7 minutes.

The third part titled "The Road To Toad Hall", is also located in the Nullarbor region but approximately 300 km west of Warbla Cave. This is a 4 minute preview that follows a team of divers embarking on a 4 km underwater penetration into Cocklebiddy Cave. The three lead divers plan to surface and spend two days in one of the world's most isolated air caverns named Toad Hall.

The fourth part is titled "Tank Cave" and is located close to Mount Gambier. Here the water table is only a few meters below ground. This video takes you on an underwater exploration of new and exciting sections of the underground maze. Duration 9 minutes.

Filmed by Tony Carlisle
Running Time: Approx. 40 minutes
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