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Wednesday, 27 April 2011 12:14

From the DiveRite Newsletter:

For purists and hard core sidemount explorers, the Nomad JT is the rig you want to wear. This rig is designed strictly for sidemount diving and will not adapt to doubles or single tanks.

The rig has a 360-degree, 50lb lift wing that gives added lift at the diver's hips/rear which is important for explorers carrying heavy or multiple cylinders.

There are two dumps on the bottom of the wing: one on the lower left and one on the lower right. The added right dump is to accommodate stage bottles that block access to the lower, left dump. The OPV on the top of the wing is tucked inside the wing, facing the diver to avoid becoming a water trap. A thin cord runs from the OPV at the top down the left shoulder via a channel and can be shortened to diver's desired length. This cord is reversible for divers who wish to run it down the right shoulder. Reverse inflation hose is located just above the lower left dump valve and can be attached to the shoulder D or chest strap for streamlining and easy access.

The tank bungees no longer run across the back of the wing and are now attached to daisy chain loops on the inner soft backplate and run across the front of the wing (facing the diver). There are two sets of loops, plus one center loop which gives divers options for lengthening or shortening bungees. Both standard and ring bungees work with the JT.

The harness is a modified Deluxe harness with hardware pivot points at the chest to ensure a proper fit along with a chest strap. The waist strap runs through stainless metal oval loops on the wing to capture the wing and keep it tight to the body. Gone are the quick release buckles on the shoulders as well as the stainless side plates at the waist. The crotch strap runs high on the back of the wing to give attachment points for lights, reels or stage tanks. Otherwise, the back of the Nomad JT is completely clean.

Model No: BC4900
MSRP: $US 699.00
ETA: In production with first units avail late May.


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