Brian Kakuk Visits Australia Print
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 15:31

briankakukBrian Kakuk is a veteran explorer of nearly 20 years of underwater cave exploration in the Bahamas, and co-author of Side Mount Profiles. He will be visiting Australia later this month teaching sidemount diving courses and enjoying some of Australia's caves. There are two opportunities to hear from one of the most respected cave divers in the world, and see some of the extraordinary beauty of the underwater flooded Bahamas Caves:

  • CDAA Member Symposium & Annual Dinner: Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September ,10am each day at the Port Education Centre, 343-383 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne.
  • Divers Forum: Wednesday 12 October from 6.45pm at the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital. Contact the Hyperbaric Unit for more details: 08 8222 5116 or 08 8222 5121.


by J Prosser & HV Grey

This is a must have book for every cave diver. It includes illustrations of the full repertoire of standard hand signals, as well as touch, torch and line signals.


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