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Written by Rubens Monaco   
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 11:45

hollis-prismMy original expectations for the Hollis Prism 2 were not high, however I was pleasantly surprised at how well this unit handled under some heavy usage. For those who remember the Prism Topaz, the new Hollis Prism 2 is a newer, refined version of the old work horse. Hollis has made it clear that they have wanted to keep the main design of the original Prism Topaz as it was such a reliable and hard wearing unit.

I got the opportunity to test the unit in some caves in Mexico and Florida. At first I was concerned about the size of the unit, however, it handled quite well in small, tight areas. It is an easy unit to assemble and check. The fact that it is running a Shearwater Predator as the controller is a huge plus for the unit. WOB (work of breathing) is good and compares well to most other front mounted counterlung units. The biggest advantage of the unit is it's reliability. I have dived 80 hours on the unit and I still have not had a single problem with it, which is quite impressive.


  • 4 hour scrubber
  • big water traps
  • Shearwater Predator controller
  • easy to assemble
  • reliable and strong


  • HUD (heads up display) takes a bit to get used to
  • scrubber filling can be a bit messy
  • no ADV (automatic diluent valve) shut-off

More information: http://www.hollisgear.com/prodview.asp?id=3

Training: http://www.idcscuba.com.au


by J Prosser & HV Grey

This is a must have book for every cave diver. It includes illustrations of the full repertoire of standard hand signals, as well as touch, torch and line signals.


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