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Cave Name:   Piccaninnie Ponds
Reference:   5L-72
Cave Area:   Lower South East
Description:   A spectacular freshwater cave formation in South Australia, where spring water filtering up through the limestone has created beautiful formations up the walls. Normally the water is crystal clear on entry, with limitless visibility. After swimming across the First Pond and through the fringing reeds, divers descend into the canyon-like Chasm, where the Dogleg at 40m can be seen from the surface. At the far end the Chasm develops a roof to form the Cathedral.
Owner/Manager:   Department of Environment and Heritage (SA)
Access:   Contact Department of Environment and Heritage
PO Box 1046
Mt Gambier SA 5290
P 08 8735 1177
F 08 8735 1135
Note: permit fees apply
Further Information:   Images and Video
Map - P Horne 1983
Map - CDAA 1985
Map 3D - John Dalla-Zuanna 2008
Report on the deep mapping project 2008
  Last updated 28th September, 2011

by Sheck Exley

A book by the world-renowned cave diver, the late Sheck Exley. A compilation of case studies of accidents that occurred in the USA and how to learn from them.


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