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Cave Name:   Weebubbie Cave
Reference:   6N-2
Cave Area:   Nullarbor
Description:   Large talus filled main passage south-west from doline leads to two lakes, one large and one small. 100 metre long sump at end of 150 metre long large lake leads to a further dome-shaped airspace and submerged passages beyond. Main sump has a large offshoot to the south-east (The Railway Tunnel) over 150 metres long and 45 m in depth. Smaller lake reaches 28 metres depth.
Owner/Manager:   Department of Regional Development and Lands WA
Access:   Contact Shannon Alford
Department of Regional Development and Lands
PO Box 1143
West Perth 6872
P 08 6552 4661
F 08 6552 4415
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  Last updated 28th August, 2012