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The aim is to serve the needs of all the cave diving community of Australia regardless of your cave diving certification. Open and frank discussion and information on all Australian caves and all diving configurations and styles, as well as the range of training that is open to the Australian cave diver is encouraged.


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Cavern, Cave and Overhead Diving around the world. The purpose of the Cave Diver's Forum is to provide a place on the internet for civil discussions of anything cave diving related. This site contains plenty of comments, stories, reports, and opinions. Main cave diving forum for USA cave divers.



Technical Divers Discussion Forum: sometimes controversial, sometimes humorous, but always informative and entertaining!


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By Joseph Emmanuel

Ever wondered what it's like to dive to 100 meters, to be waiting alone in the dark, your only way back to safety a thin nylon line snaking away from you, up and up and up into the darkness and down and down and down into the blackness. Not a sound but your own breathing.


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