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Fatally FlawedThe Quest to be Deepest

By Verna van Schaik

Fatally Flawed is an inside look into the world of deep diving and the people who populate it. This is the story of how Verna van Schaik found a way to become the deepest woman in one of the most extreme sports in the world, cave diving. The story follows Verna's start in diving in 1989 when technical diving was in its infancy, follows her journey with Nuno Gomes as a support diver on his record breaking dives and culminates with her experiences on Dave Shaw's dive. It was this dive that allowed Verna to finally see past the carefully edited illusion that is 'being the deepest'. Suddenly her experience with the top divers in South Africa ( if not the world) gave her a unique opportunity to question who deep divers really are. What drives a person to place their life on the line ? Why do they want so desperately to be the deepest ? Are they fatally flawed ?

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