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Cave Name:   Mammoth Cave
Reference:   2J-13-14-15
Cave Area:   Jenolan
Description:   Upsteam and downstream dives. Upstream is high flow. Downstream Lower River: narrow tight passageway no leads on how to get through, so a dry passage is taken to get to Slug Lake for now. Leads to Slug Lake through restriction into Gargle Chamber, main passage leads off Gargle Chamber at a depth of 45 meters and runs horizontally slowly down to 62 meters, passage then angles down to 100 meters + (still going ) and one day could connect to endzone part of the Northern streamway.
Owner/Manager:   Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust
Access:   Via SUSS
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  Last updated 28th August, 2012

by J Prosser & HV Grey

This is a must have book for every cave diver. It includes illustrations of the full repertoire of standard hand signals, as well as touch, torch and line signals.


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