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By Sheck Exley

A book by the world-renowned cave diver, the late Sheck Exley. A compilation of case studies of accidents that have occurred in the USA and how to learn from them.

Many books on cave diving simply outline or detail the currently accepted cave diving procedures- but do little to convince readers of the importance of practicing and following those procedures. Basic Cave Diving: A Blueprint for Survival, however, does just that. Each of the ten chapters starts with a description of a real cave diving accident- as it actually happened (of course the names of the victims have been changed). The author than analyzes each accident to determine if and how accepted cave diving safety procedures may have been violated. After the analysis, the author outlines and details cave diving procedures that may be employed to avoid similar situations. It must be emphasized that the procedures described in this guide are not based on mere theory and conjecture: they have been proven repeatedly in actual field conditions, and they work.

46 pages

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