Olwolgin Cave

Photographer: Liz Rogers

Photographer: Liz Rogers

Photographer: Chris Holman

A 10 day trip across the Nullarbor to the Roe plains to dive Olwolgin cave. With around 10,000m of underwater passages from the small pool of water at the entrance this cave is amazing to dive! Thanks to the hard work of those who found, explored and mapped out the cave for making this possible.


Diving the Caves of the Roe Plain, Western Australia with Paul Hosie and Liz Rogers. These beautiful but fragile caves host numerous interesting features. Rocks covered in black bacteria, hanging roots, green tannic water are amongst the extraordinary things seen. Many of the passages are very tight requiring side mount configuration to pass. The sculptured limestone is quite unique. I hope you enjoy this short video of this terrific site, along with Paul Hosie's narrative of how the cave was found.


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