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There are a considerable variety of rebreathers available on the market today and each has their proponents. Basically a rebreather is a machine worn on the back of the diver allowing unused exhaust  gas to be reused rather than letting it be vented into the water as in open circuit diving.


  • Offer a much greater gas supply than the alternative open circuit equipment
  • Supplies an optimum gas mix which gives greater decompression efficiency
  • Few or no bubbles limits percolation off a cave ceiling therefore increasing visibility
  • A rebreather loop delivers warm, moist gas to the diver improving thermal comfort in the water and limiting dehydration
  • Gas costs are reduced


  • Open circuit bailout gas must be carried increasing a divers profile
  • As rebreathers are complex machines they require continual vigilance, more training, higher initial financial outlay and have greater potential dangers
  • Wearing a rebreather on the back limits a divers access to some Australian caves and cave passage

rebreatherJohn Dalla-Zuanna diving a KISS rebreather in Tank Cave | Photo: Dr Richard (Harry) Harris

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By Verna van Schaik

Fatally Flawed is an inside look into the world of deep diving and the people who populate it. This is the story of how Verna van Schaik found a way to become the deepest woman in one of the most extreme sports in the world, cave diving.


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